Saturday, June 23, 2007
My Saturday!
Slept late last night .. around 11:30! then woke up at 3:20am! I was still my hyper self so it was no problem! =) Work went smoothly...Ah! It's PJ's last day at work pala. He's going to move to Emirates next week! I bet it's awfully hot there and the air would be smelling very onion-ish! HAHA! He'll be eating Kababs for a year! But he'll be earning lots of money! So it's a fair deal. Some pictures:


And then.... I had my headlights replaced to white HID like bulbs. I was getting quite annoyed with the yellowish glare. Had it done in DASI shop for P50! =)

Then right after that.... I had a looooong nap at Ponce. 4 hours later, we had a party for Bing2x because it's his birthdaaaay!!! =) I ate a lot of roasted pork which translates to I ATE A LOT OF LECHON!

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Friday, June 1, 2007
Fast Recap!
Hi! because I'm blood type O, I haven't updated my blog for nearly 2 months! Hahaha! So type O's out there can understand just how difficult it is to finish something! Anyway, a lot has happened. One of which, is that I have befriended a policeman, I have gone to Manila ALONE, I bought an r4ds for my pink ds lite, and last night--broke up with Jaja!

And so today, my eyes are puffy because of our fight which ended up with me breaking up with him. But I think we're getting back together soon. But not now..let me enjoy being single again first! Hehehe. mind is full of crap because I ate a lot of crap -- Ruffles potato chips, Porky Best Chicharon, M&Ms with nuts and Sprite.

By the way, MANGO has opened in Sm! Cool! But that would mean everyone in Davao can get to wear Mango. Not cool!

The dresses are too i'm thinking of buying some cloth and have it made by local dressmakers...much cheaper that way. Some of my desired designs:

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Gasp! Peni...what??!
My bestfriend Aizza is into scuba diving nowadays...she just started her lessons. Since she has menstruation, her diving instructor suggested she wear tampons. Tampons aren't really popular in the Philippines. We searched the whole mall and found nothing resembling a tampon. I recently spotted a box of tampons in some store but i forgot if it's in manila or in davao. Anyway, we went to Mercury Drug as a last resort...and found this:


The name is so hilarious!!!! Even if you don't see the image of that man's body on the label, you'll know exactly what it's for just by reading the name. =) hahahahaha!!!! to the one who invented that soap's're such a genius!!!!! =) I'm laughing so hard i'm crying.



We were snickering in the aisle, when a security guard approached us and asked us what we were looking for...atot, boody and i just gave each other blank stares and we burst out laughing. Would you answer that man if you were on our bloody shoes??!! would you?? would you??? =) hahahaha! Anyway if we answered "tampons", i'm guessing he would give us a puzzled look and would ask what it is. THAT IS THE DISASTER PART. I can't see myself explaining to a security guard the gory details of what a tampon is and what it's for.. hahahaha!
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Friday, April 13, 2007
The Princess' Update
I managed to buy Jaja his present on his very birthday! =) I have such talent in cramming. hahaha! =) Anyway, I couldn't have had the perfect timing to buy it beforehand since we always meet up after work. But anyway I got him these shoes:



I love following fashion trends. =) The fresher they are the better. I'm over them once they're being sold in Divisoria. Cheap,mass produced clothes give you such a thrill because it gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you bought a lot of tops with your thousand peso. But you'll find out later that you don't feel like wearing them especially after you saw a bunch of college girls wearing similar tops although in different colors in the mall. And then you just feel one of them. That would mean that the trend is stale and that chinese factories would have mass produced such style and it's so sickening. Don't you agree?

I love it when I see someone who knows what she's wearing...and i like seeing people who have good style without looking like they tried too much.

YADEE YADEE YAH.... Trends come and go...I honestly thought skinny jeans weren't for me but I learned to love it after finding the perfect pair for my pear shaped body. (wow! didn't mean to rhyme them) The tights too---they shocked me when I first saw them on Kate Moss at some paparazzi the time, it looked ridiculous. But look at it now...even public school teachers and pregnant mummies embraced those tights! hahaha. =)

Anyway, cutting through the crap...I hate the upcoming wide leg trousers trend but i'm giving it a shot. I have wide legs..I don't need them to look any wider. But anyhow, i'll be keeping an open mind on this one. =)



I have finished my Shopaholic & Baby still has the Sophie Kinsella signature writing know...Becky Bloomwood acting all lovable and shopaholic. Luke Brandon is my ideal man. I love him! Although I love Luke Brandon, it seems that I have outgrowned Sophie's books. In the mid part, I was slightly bored with the writing style, although funny, it lacked the depth that I have accustomed myself with in other novels. Kudos for me! It only means one thing....I have become more mature without noticing. Ha! =) Who would have thought that you can measure maturity by the choice of books you read..??! It's like the "you are what you eat" quote... only mine is..."you're matured when you have refined your book selection"...WOW. what a massive discovery!!! I have to go now and tell my friends about it. Bye!!!!

(I'm kidding of course)
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Sunday, April 8, 2007
What's Up What's Up
Been saving up some money to buy Jaja a birthday's a secret but I'm sure it's ok to reveal it here since Jaja won't possibly read this blog -- not in 10 years. Anyway, they are a pair of gorgeous white Steve Madden sneakers. He'll love them! But IT'S still waiting for me to purchase IT and i'm just fishing for the right time to buy IT! (IT being the shoes) ha! i'm so proud of my wise choice. =)

Well well, today me and NiƱo stopped by the mall after work to buy some popcorn, blank cds and a bottle of my contact lense cleaner. Today's easter so there were lots of people in the mall...typically, there was a clown show and we decided to join one of the mini contests where the clown was giving away dozens of eggs. hahaha! we decided to join since we assumed nobody would recognize us. I mean, who goes to the mall on easter?! I mean besides us. hahaha! hardly nobody we know. So we tried to get the clown's attention but it deliberately ignored us. STUPID COW. The clown kept calling those people with kids. I mean, parent-child tandems. I was almost tempted to grab a child just to be called. hahaha! What people do for eggs. =) Well, we left after their sound system blared with super tacky music. THAT IS NOT THE CROWD WE WANT TO BELONG IN. hahahaha! Not that we discriminate crowds who love that's just that...........I should have won a dozen of those eggs!!! GRRR (-_-)

Pictures i took a while ago:

April 8, 2007

By the way, I love this holy kettle corn. Nothings beats this brand...I prefer it over Chef Tony's and the other Kettle Corn. The latter being too evenly COATED. I prefer eating some sugary and some not so sugary morsels of corn so as to better appreciate every bite! The smokey hint also gives an appetizing effect! And we discovered that if you ask the popcorn guy nicely, he'll allow you to grab some unpacked popcorn right off the screen tray and just eat it right there! =) I availed that privilege with pleasure.
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Saturday, April 7, 2007
Fairly Normal Day
ws copy
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Friday, April 6, 2007
Yeeey! long awaited personalized blog template. =)
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